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Water damage to your house can be caused by a number of things – a burst pipe or a leaky roof, for instance. You should know that the consequences of such a problem can be pretty severe. Water tends to destroy both flooring and furniture with extreme efficiency. The worst thing is that mold starts developing, doing further damage to your ceiling and walls. On such an occasion, the best thing you can do is call upon a water damage restoration service provider.

There are some things, however, that you can do to minimize the damage. Here is what you can do in case of a flood:

  • water damage restoration servicesTurning off the main water supply should be your first priority! That is, if the flooding was caused by a burst pipe or something like that. A valve must be turned off in order for you to do that. If you do not know where the main valve is, a safe bet would be the basement, or under your kitchen sink. By stopping the flowing water you are sure to avoid severe damage to your home.

  • Next thing you should do is remove all wet items and store them in a completely dry area. If you have a garage, putting them there would be a good idea. This way, when the time comes, you will know what got wet and needs cleaning – or getting rid of.

  • All the unharmed furniture should be moved to a safe place. Save everything you can! If you have discovered the flood in time, you might be able to move all your valuables and furniture to a separate room, where they cannot get wet.

After that, do not forget to call a water damage restoration service provider. If you live in The Villages, FL, do not hesitate to contact us – American Restoration Specialist. We are experts at mold removal, restoration and carpet cleaning.


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